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The erectile dysfunction is the inability of a male not to complete a sexual activity because of a failed erection. Many could feel afraid that they have the said ailment because they experience it occasionally. That isn’t always the case. It could just be recognized as such once the indications occur regularly. The experience will not just happen once you will have an intercourse. Rather, you have a tendency to feel it often.
The disease is quite common on almost all men. Research shows that around 152 million men are impotent, yet less than 10% of them find treatment. The possible cause would be the associated feeling that others may laugh on them about the erectile dysfunction illness. The image that a man showcases in the society is hard like a rock. When individuals knew regarding the illness, they could pity and put the jokes on them.
During the past, not much was identified about erectile dysfunction along with its remedy. Luckily, a lot of scientists have already created a couple of treatment about this condition.  One popular and effective treatment for erectile dysfunction is the drug called Cialis.
Back in 2003, Cialis was authorized to be accessible in the market by U.S. Food and Drug Administration. So, apart from Viagra and Levitra, this was among the prescription drug made for erectile dysfunction. The normal prescription for this drug is to be taken once each day. Furthermore, it was also widely used in the UK and other countries in Europe.

For best absorption, Cialis must be taken orally. This works by increasing the blood supply to the male organ and to its bordering parts. The effect is to have an erection upon sexual stimulation. Cialis assists you to overcome impotency for an adequate amount of time, which is vital for the completion and satisfaction of sexual activity.  The doctor will advise whether you will need to have 20 mg, 10 mg, 5 mg, or the 2.5 mg strengths. The 2.5 mg addition is used as daily doses.  The extra-strength dosage is known as Cialis Professional. The drug can stay effective for as long as 36 hours.  Cialis Professional is famously nicknamed “The weekend pill,” due to its prolonged performance. Just before any prescription, the physician will first need to examine the patient.

Around 15,000 male participants used Cialis in clinical trials, while over 8 million men took the drug throughout its post-approval or post marketing stage. Similar to any other drug, Cialis has its own side effects. It consists of flushing, runny nose, headache and the like. After a couple of hours, all the effects will disappear. The muscle aches and back pain could emerge after the drug is taken to about 12-24 hours, and the symptoms generally go away following 48 hours.

The Cialis can’t be purchased without a valid doctor’s prescription in the UK and US. Online purchase is authorized if an online consultation is done first. This could ascertain your eligibility to obtain the pill. Cialis may work effectively for a lot of men, but it isn’t for everybody.
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