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March 4, 1989

The problem with fashion is that I have rules for myself that I think are a good guide for what I should and should not buy, and then when I see something I love that violates one of them, I’m thrown into an existential crisis. What happens if I violate one of my personal rules, get myself into a situation where I can’t return something that I end up hating, and then feel a tiny bit of rage every time I see them. Not only because I wasted my money, but because I knew better and bought them anyway.
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That’s the problem I have with non-leather, and specifically PVC, shoes. I know I’ll hate them once I get them on my feet, at least after a little walking, and yet styles like the Marc Jacobs Wooden Heeled Sandals and Sergio Rossi Plexy T-Straps always tickle my fancy. I really love the look of translucent PVC – it’s something that can’t be replicated by leather, sadly. How it feels is often a different issue. Take a closer look at these two shoes after the jump and then weigh in in the comments.

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We told you on Monday that the sneaker trend appears to be going nowhere fast, and indeed, pumped-up kicks seem to be extending themselves well into pre-fall and fall, popping up in the collections of designers both low-end and high. Even some brands who have never previously explored any shoe that could be called vaguely athletic are getting in on the act, most recently with the Mulberry Sneaker. Yep, it’s the first one, so it doesn’t even require a special moniker to distinguish itself from the rest of the line.
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